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Here’s what you’ll need to fish in freshwater:

  • An inexpensive fishing rod and reel 
  • 4- to 8- pound- test monofilament fishing line 
  • A package of fishing weights 
  • Fish hooks (Number 6– 10 size) 
  • A plastic or wood bobber 
  • A selection of live bait or fishing lures 
  • A casting plug 
  • A state fishing license (depending on your age)

You’ll find everything you need at a fishing tackle or sporting goods store. Many discount or hardware stores also sell fishing tackle. If you want to fish in saltwater, ask for help in selecting the right equipment.

   While you’re in the store, ask about a fishing license. Depending on your age and your state, you may need one to fish legally. Also pick up a copy of your state’s fishing laws (or regulations), which will tell you the types of fish, the minimum size limit, and the number of fish you can catch in one day.

   Then, choose a fishing rod that you can hold comfortably in one hand. There are many inexpensive combination packages available that include a rod, reel, and fishing line. Tie a hook to the end of the line with a fishing knot.

Learn the rules first

Fishing Laws & Rules – 
Arizona Game and Fish Department Laws and Rules for Wildlife, Watercraft and Fishing. Download a PDF of All Arizona Game and Fish Laws and Rules (PDF, 130 pages, 862kb).
Fishing Licenses – 
Information on fishing licenses for Arizona. Click Here To Purchase Arizona Hunting and Fishing Licenses On-Line. Includes links to other informative pages also.
Arizona Game and Fish Department
Laws and Rules for Wildlife and Watercraft
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